29 ago. 2012

[GRAN 012] Future Feelings - Funk EP

We gladly present Future Feelings (aka Fernando Dimare).This brilliant producer from Mexico really knows how to deal with the retro feeling and futuristic cosmic sounds combo. His instrumentation is clearly inspired by 70's and 80's disco/funk bands and just a listening is needed to realize he really knows how to get that genuine groove all over his original productions. On the other hand, his technical skills make him more than capable of getting a bright but solid fat sounding and creating superb arragements. Pretty sure people will be writting and talking about Future Feelings pretty soon. Press play and enjoy this first Fernando's milestone (of many); Slow heavy electro-funk from Mexico. Futuristic bumper!

Juno Download review: "In the last 12 months, Mexico has emerged as an unlikely hotbed of nu-disco talent. The latest act to emerge from the apparently disco-minded Central American state is Future Feelings. Here, they offer up a two-track taster EP on Madrid-based Los Grandes, an imprint whose discography seemingly gets better with every release. Both "Skylife" and "Africa" are built around delightfully rubbery bass guitar grooves, with the former taking top billing thanks to some choice vocal samples and a loose electrofunk/disco fusion vibe. "Africa", though, is still pretty tasty, and should cause considerable dancefloor damage thanks to some fearlessly wigged-out synth squiggles."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Release date: September 3, 2012.


20 ago. 2012

[GRAN 011] Jona Saucedo - Feel The Love

The summer is hitting hard over half the world but you have not anything to worry about, Jona Saucedo is giving the perfect solution to do deal with it; Fresh seaside party vibes elegantly packed on a four tracks EP.
It takes just a listen to realize why the mexican producer's skills have lead to him to become a must on the deep disco/slomo worldwide scene and be featured on renowned labels such as Bust A Dub or In The Woods. Press play and fresh yourself dancing to this boogie/disco/funk grooveness Los Grandes are proudly presenting. Feel the love...

Juno Download review: "Mr Saucedo is a Mexican guy with a big thing for summery retro dance music. Here on his latest EP we get four tracks of warm and fuzzy re-edits of vintage club hits. Lifted from Kathi Baker's original, the title track "Feel The Love" reduces the speed and adds shimmering atmospherics for a Balearic sunset feel. "Music & Light" is, as you might imagine, a beefed-up re-work of the anthem by Brit-soul heroes Imagination. "Spring Affair" is a slo-mo take on Donna Summer's mid 70s classic, adding some Jan Hammer-style electronic toms for an 80s Miami rooftop party vibe. Finally on "Sexual Love", Saucedo plays with some saucy vintage movie dialogue and heavy use of disco filters to wrap things up in a light-hearted manner."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on August 20, 2012.