26 dic. 2012

[GRAN 016] Chewy Rubs - Chewy Tools

Los Grandes is glad to present the last release on 2012: Chewy Rubs 'Chewy Tools'. A four tracks EP gathering disco tools specially cooked and baked by Chewy Rubs, mysterious editor/remixer from the U.K. This release exposures perfectly Chewy Rub's style, wich can be describe as a mix of "fat disco/funky basslines, a fine vocal stab and just damn clean melodic mash-ups", as Chewy  himself said; All this firmly delivered at 120 bpm. Don't miss the chance of blasting the audience with these four tools on your N.Y.E. party!
Los Grandes family wish you a great 2013 full of love and good music!

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on December 27, 2012.

19 dic. 2012

[GRAN 015] Groovedown - Edits To Remember

Los Grandes is gladly presenting the second release from the greek producer Groovedown a.k.a. Alex Kokkis. This EP is truly the essence of Groovedown; four re-edits between 96 and 110 bpm's full of groove, tastefully picked and reinterpreted. These four cuts (mostly Moodymann and LTJ - Xperience influeced in terms of production) drive us from the mellowness of Nixon, to the western aroma of Walk to Mississippi, passing througn the deepness of Midnight or the heavy sounds and passional vocals of Baby (I Love Touging You). 
Groovedown is a communication weapon to keep the old roots alive. Proof of that are not only Edits To Remember but his previous release (Superbreak Presents Groovedown), his appearances on This Is Superbreak, Black Lace Vol 3 and Black Lace Vol 4, and all the tracks featuring on his soundcloud.
The splendid cover has been designed by Eduardo Del Pozo a.k.a Light Spectrum based in Barcelona, designer and worldwide renowned dj due to his brilliant monthly mixes. Among his latest works you can find the exquisite design for Ilya Santana 'A Western Tale'.

Juno Download review: "Los Grandes has enjoyed an impressive 2012, releasing a mix of lovingly crafted edits, seductive slo-mo disco originals and starlight disco/house fusion. Here, they round off the year with a selection of slinky reworks from previously unknown scalpel jockey Groovedown. The EP begins with "Nixon", a sweet, summery combination of cut glass strings, loose grooves and soft focus jazz guitar solos. "Walk To Mississippi" injects a touch of Cajun-spiced delta blues into proceedings, before "Baby (I Love Touching You)" slowly builds into a hustling disco-funk beast. Best of all, though, is closer "Midnight", a moonlit stroll through filter disco territory with only a large bag of MDMA powder for company."
Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on December 20, 2012.


6 dic. 2012

Podcast #4: Jona Saucedo

Jona Saucedo, the slo-mo disco magician, has kindly recorded a top quality mixtape for Los Grandes Podcasts Serie. Be ready to feel extremely good vibes and stylish grooves packaged on a very delicious charming one hour session. Definetly this session exposes Mr. Saucedo's refined taste, something already proved through his brilliant releases list.  Sexy mood: ON.

18 nov. 2012

[GRAN 014] Softmore - Off Key

Slomo? Deep House? Nu Disco? Labeling Softmore with a genre is not quite an easy task; Audio Parallax had to deal with the same situation with their Softmore's brilliant EP 'An Afterlife' a few months ago. Needless to say, N.Y. genious, Softmore, is unclassifiable, but sure thing is that listening his productions is a smooth trip through top quality sound landscapes, sensitiveness, elegance and deep emotiveness. 'Off Key' is an example of this, an EP for getting lost yourself along the four tracks wich shape an impressive blissful soundtrack. Los Grandes couldn't be more proud of having such a breath taking release.

Cover designed by Softmore.

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on November 19, 2012.

6 nov. 2012

Podcast #3: Lazy Kiss

Let's forget about music genres, let's not care about if it is rock, funk, cosmic, disco... whatever. If it's good for dancing, if it's classy and if it makes you fly over the dancefloor, that's what Lazy Kiss is caring about.
This podcast is an entire eclectic journey through true timeless amazing music. These guys know what are they doing and they're doing it great! Get up and dance! (Please perform slowly and carefully some dynamic stretching exercises before pressing play. This exercises will prevent you from any lesion or injury due to the continious wild dancing you are about to carry out).

28 oct. 2012

[GRAN 013] Black Lace Vol 4

Los Grandes' 13th release comes right on time for Halloween. Twenty magic spells from twenty disco sorcerers ready to enchant you all. For this gathering we have summoned Brendon P, Yam Who?, Ed Wizard & Double Disco Dee, Kideot, Panorama, Teniente Castillo, The Lonely Smoker, Kompleks, I-Robots, Groovedown, 78 Edits, Ramboiage, Elias Tzikas, Jaxx Latraishe, Disko Selectors, Nicko, Musica Hermosa, Karim, Irregular Disco Workers and Dynamicron. The fully gorgeous wicked graphic design comes from the mind and hands of André Lemos Pinto.
...Treat or trick?

Juno Download review: "Dynamicron's Latino-centric nu-disco label Los Grandes, deliver their fourth long-playing comp, gathering the best re-edits they can find. The label boss himself delivers the first of 20 tracks, "She", which sounds like a very subtle edit of an undetermined, but luscious and silky sheeted, Bee Gees track. Elsewhere Brendon P's "Before You Go Away" evokes The Avalanches, Panorama's "Straight From The Heart" is pure cut mid 80s digital soul and on the same tip, Dennis Edwards is edited further by Teniente Castillo on "Don't Dub Any Further". William Devaughn's "Be Thankful" is beautifully teased out by Kompleks before things end with "Shameless Hotel", a crazy take on The Eagles by the Irregular Disco Workers."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on October 31, 2012.

4 oct. 2012

Podcast #2: Heion & Dynamicron

For the second chapter of Los Grandes podcast we gladly present a mixtape from Heion's and Dynamicron's hands, minds and souls. A two hours delightful set driven with tons of tastefully class. Please, press play slowly, relax and enjoy the beautiful set diving through a warm laid-back all the way long. Slow dancing, informal outfit and blowing feathers and bubbles are allowed and highly recomended during the listening of this podcast.

29 ago. 2012

[GRAN 012] Future Feelings - Funk EP

We gladly present Future Feelings (aka Fernando Dimare).This brilliant producer from Mexico really knows how to deal with the retro feeling and futuristic cosmic sounds combo. His instrumentation is clearly inspired by 70's and 80's disco/funk bands and just a listening is needed to realize he really knows how to get that genuine groove all over his original productions. On the other hand, his technical skills make him more than capable of getting a bright but solid fat sounding and creating superb arragements. Pretty sure people will be writting and talking about Future Feelings pretty soon. Press play and enjoy this first Fernando's milestone (of many); Slow heavy electro-funk from Mexico. Futuristic bumper!

Juno Download review: "In the last 12 months, Mexico has emerged as an unlikely hotbed of nu-disco talent. The latest act to emerge from the apparently disco-minded Central American state is Future Feelings. Here, they offer up a two-track taster EP on Madrid-based Los Grandes, an imprint whose discography seemingly gets better with every release. Both "Skylife" and "Africa" are built around delightfully rubbery bass guitar grooves, with the former taking top billing thanks to some choice vocal samples and a loose electrofunk/disco fusion vibe. "Africa", though, is still pretty tasty, and should cause considerable dancefloor damage thanks to some fearlessly wigged-out synth squiggles."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Release date: September 3, 2012.


20 ago. 2012

[GRAN 011] Jona Saucedo - Feel The Love

The summer is hitting hard over half the world but you have not anything to worry about, Jona Saucedo is giving the perfect solution to do deal with it; Fresh seaside party vibes elegantly packed on a four tracks EP.
It takes just a listen to realize why the mexican producer's skills have lead to him to become a must on the deep disco/slomo worldwide scene and be featured on renowned labels such as Bust A Dub or In The Woods. Press play and fresh yourself dancing to this boogie/disco/funk grooveness Los Grandes are proudly presenting. Feel the love...

Juno Download review: "Mr Saucedo is a Mexican guy with a big thing for summery retro dance music. Here on his latest EP we get four tracks of warm and fuzzy re-edits of vintage club hits. Lifted from Kathi Baker's original, the title track "Feel The Love" reduces the speed and adds shimmering atmospherics for a Balearic sunset feel. "Music & Light" is, as you might imagine, a beefed-up re-work of the anthem by Brit-soul heroes Imagination. "Spring Affair" is a slo-mo take on Donna Summer's mid 70s classic, adding some Jan Hammer-style electronic toms for an 80s Miami rooftop party vibe. Finally on "Sexual Love", Saucedo plays with some saucy vintage movie dialogue and heavy use of disco filters to wrap things up in a light-hearted manner."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on August 20, 2012.

22 jul. 2012

[GRAN 010] Lazy Kiss - First Kiss

Los Grandes proudly presents Lazy Kiss' first release. This formation, based on the south of Brasil, was founded on April 2011 by Marco Kothe and Pedro Floriani, both dj's with quite a solid background and a very high regional recognition. The original idea was creating new tracks from their original references by reediting them and by adding their own touch with electronic elements for getting a new final version, a whole new track. Some months later Caco Velloso joined Lazy Kiss bringing a new challenge, besides from editing, beginning to develop original tracks with same feeling and like from their references.

This release gathers eight superb works from their reworking side, all of them highly recommended for refreshing any good party this hot summer. Funk, italo, boogie, bossanova and disco tunes recosntructed with that fine Lazy Kiss touch. I hope you enjoy this first kiss.

Juno Download review: "Lazy Kiss is a new project from Brazil-based DJs Marco Kothe, Pedro Floriani and Caco Velloso. First Kiss, their debut release, features what we'd classify as edits-not-edits - tracks that began as re-edits but were later turned into something else. It's a neat method of working, and one that has delivered solid results. Musically, there's much to admire, from the lazy Latin AOR disco of "Mala's Son" and the jazz-funk hustle of "George's Barrio", to the Nu Shooz re-imagining "I Can't Wait Forever" and camp Italo pulse of "Amadeo". Best of all, though, is "Balla", a mad-for-it trip into skewed disco territory that should prove a surefire hit on dancefloors."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on July 23, 2012.

P.S: I know Los Grandes announced they were taking holidays until September but we are not confortable on breaks, so here we are again at work. We will be back to you soon.

10 jun. 2012

In Control Radio Show: Los Grandes Guest Mix

Los Grandes Records were invited to record a label mix for In Control Radio Show and here it is for you now. The show was broadcasted on June 6th, 2012 on Pushfm.com. Many thanks to Thomas Pudell for the invitation, it was a great pleasure.
We hope you enjoy it! 

4 jun. 2012

[GRAN 009] Dynamicron - After Dusk


Los Grandes  presents the fifth EP from Dynamicron on the label. This time Dynamicron imprints his mark on three tracks wich are driven to a fully dancefloor use. From the third rework 'Just Wanna Love You Babe' at 90 BPM's, wich is perfect romantic warmer up, to the more uptempo cuts 'Highlighted', a 117 BPM's funky party anthem, and 'Wasted Luv', a 120 BPM's beast wich will unleash the madness on the dancefloor. Every track has been tested by well known dj's before its release and all the feedback has been more than positive.

Juno Download review: "After fiddling around with re-edits for the last few years, Dynamicron appears to finally be settling on an original production style of his own. While firmly disco-centric - see the delightfully over the top strings, pianos and horns of "Wasted Love" - it also includes nods to house and P-funk. There's something almost grungy and aggressive about the balls-out disco-rock-meets-P-funk of "Highlighted", while "Just Wanna Love Ya Babe" flips the script to offer some slo-mo, flute-laden AOR chugginess. A wildly varied EP that should enhance the Spanish producer's growing reputation."

With this release Los Grandes are waving their hands wishing you a great summer break. We will be back on September with new compilations and other artists releases that hopefully will delight you as much as they did for us. We will continue our monthly podcast serie, recently created, during this months though.
Have fun this summer!

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on June 4, 2012.

3 jun. 2012

Podcast #1: Lolita's Neverland

Los Grandes starts a new serie of podcasts where the artists featuring on the label will delight us with quality mixes. And I can't imagine a better way to start this serie of podcasts than with Lolita's Neverland at the controls doing what she knows do the best, to give positive vibes and happiness to the people through her sets. Please listen and enjoy this summer flavor flight... Sea, sun and good vibes...

Download here

11 may. 2012

[GRAN 008] Black Lace Vol 3

Los Grandes is very glad to present the third volume of Black Lace series featuring stunning works of Groovedown, Brendon P, Heion, Tasun, That Couch Funk Collective, Get Down Edits, DJ ButcherIrregular Disco Workers, Lazy Kiss, Modulaire, I-Robots and Dynamicron. From hot grooveness to fresh disco vibes for the most classy summer parties.

Juno Download review: "Dynamicron's Los Grandes label returns with another bumper, album-length trawl through the world of contemporary "edits-not-edits" - groovy, hypnotic dancefloor fusions that touch on disco, soul, Balearica, deep house and AOR. Across the 12 tracks, there's plenty to excite, from the dubby slo-mo shuffle of Brendon P ("Mo Lovin") and organic groovery of Heion ("Keep On Hiding"), to the classics-reinvented style of DJ Butcher (the "Wordyrappinghood" biting of "You Don't Stop") and Irregular Disco Workers' booming Balearic dub disco."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on May 11, 2012.

11 abr. 2012

[GRAN 007] Heion - So Much Soul

Los Grandes proudly present the most personal work from the talented artist Heion. A very special release since it's the most personal work from the hard worker and fully skilled romanian producer so far. Less samples and more instrumentation for creating four superb tracks wich shape this amazing round release drowned in a very deep soulful balearic feeling. All this packaged with a beautiful cover designed by the artist. As the artist himself said: "It's about grooveness, smooth sexy warm sounds and a new approach to music production and musical composition."

Purchase it exclusively on JunoDownload. Released on April 11, 2012.

28 feb. 2012

[GRAN 006] Black Lace Vol. 2

It is for us a very special honor to present the second volume of the Black Lace series. This time we have the chance of hosting both, some already members of  Los Grandes' family and some new additions wich we fully support due to their very talented works and to their dedication to the good music. The track collection, on this occasion, is a electic selection of disco, funk, deep, AOR and balearic sounds. What do they have in common? Every track is a quality link on a full of emotion and carefully treated chain. Many thanks to all the artists for getting involved on this remarkable project: Nelue, Karim, Osvaldo Wilson, Touchsoul, Jona Saucedo, Heion, Joseph Terruel, Kompleks, NeoSoulKid, Gorka, Disco Delite, Musica Hermosa, Jaxx Latraishe, Appo and Dynamicron. Please take listen to it and enjoy with your mind, heart and soul.

You can purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released February 29, 2012.

26 ene. 2012

Back catalogue on Juno Download

From now on, LosGrandes' entire catalogue will be available on Juno Download.
You can still purchase the three first releases on Bandcamp, as you prefer.


10 ene. 2012

[GRAN 005] Dynamicron - Dreamers

Los Grandes is proud to present Dynamicron's most awaited release so far. A two tracks EP wich puts together sexy and balearic beautiful vibes. Both tracks are supported by tons of positive feedback since their preview launch on the net. Give a chance to this beauty and dream smooth and deeply.

You can purchase it exclusively on JunoDownload. Released January 9, 2012.