18 nov. 2012

[GRAN 014] Softmore - Off Key

Slomo? Deep House? Nu Disco? Labeling Softmore with a genre is not quite an easy task; Audio Parallax had to deal with the same situation with their Softmore's brilliant EP 'An Afterlife' a few months ago. Needless to say, N.Y. genious, Softmore, is unclassifiable, but sure thing is that listening his productions is a smooth trip through top quality sound landscapes, sensitiveness, elegance and deep emotiveness. 'Off Key' is an example of this, an EP for getting lost yourself along the four tracks wich shape an impressive blissful soundtrack. Los Grandes couldn't be more proud of having such a breath taking release.

Cover designed by Softmore.

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on November 19, 2012.

6 nov. 2012

Podcast #3: Lazy Kiss

Let's forget about music genres, let's not care about if it is rock, funk, cosmic, disco... whatever. If it's good for dancing, if it's classy and if it makes you fly over the dancefloor, that's what Lazy Kiss is caring about.
This podcast is an entire eclectic journey through true timeless amazing music. These guys know what are they doing and they're doing it great! Get up and dance! (Please perform slowly and carefully some dynamic stretching exercises before pressing play. This exercises will prevent you from any lesion or injury due to the continious wild dancing you are about to carry out).