26 dic. 2012

[GRAN 016] Chewy Rubs - Chewy Tools

Los Grandes is glad to present the last release on 2012: Chewy Rubs 'Chewy Tools'. A four tracks EP gathering disco tools specially cooked and baked by Chewy Rubs, mysterious editor/remixer from the U.K. This release exposures perfectly Chewy Rub's style, wich can be describe as a mix of "fat disco/funky basslines, a fine vocal stab and just damn clean melodic mash-ups", as Chewy  himself said; All this firmly delivered at 120 bpm. Don't miss the chance of blasting the audience with these four tools on your N.Y.E. party!
Los Grandes family wish you a great 2013 full of love and good music!

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on December 27, 2012.

19 dic. 2012

[GRAN 015] Groovedown - Edits To Remember

Los Grandes is gladly presenting the second release from the greek producer Groovedown a.k.a. Alex Kokkis. This EP is truly the essence of Groovedown; four re-edits between 96 and 110 bpm's full of groove, tastefully picked and reinterpreted. These four cuts (mostly Moodymann and LTJ - Xperience influeced in terms of production) drive us from the mellowness of Nixon, to the western aroma of Walk to Mississippi, passing througn the deepness of Midnight or the heavy sounds and passional vocals of Baby (I Love Touging You). 
Groovedown is a communication weapon to keep the old roots alive. Proof of that are not only Edits To Remember but his previous release (Superbreak Presents Groovedown), his appearances on This Is Superbreak, Black Lace Vol 3 and Black Lace Vol 4, and all the tracks featuring on his soundcloud.
The splendid cover has been designed by Eduardo Del Pozo a.k.a Light Spectrum based in Barcelona, designer and worldwide renowned dj due to his brilliant monthly mixes. Among his latest works you can find the exquisite design for Ilya Santana 'A Western Tale'.

Juno Download review: "Los Grandes has enjoyed an impressive 2012, releasing a mix of lovingly crafted edits, seductive slo-mo disco originals and starlight disco/house fusion. Here, they round off the year with a selection of slinky reworks from previously unknown scalpel jockey Groovedown. The EP begins with "Nixon", a sweet, summery combination of cut glass strings, loose grooves and soft focus jazz guitar solos. "Walk To Mississippi" injects a touch of Cajun-spiced delta blues into proceedings, before "Baby (I Love Touching You)" slowly builds into a hustling disco-funk beast. Best of all, though, is closer "Midnight", a moonlit stroll through filter disco territory with only a large bag of MDMA powder for company."
Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on December 20, 2012.


6 dic. 2012

Podcast #4: Jona Saucedo

Jona Saucedo, the slo-mo disco magician, has kindly recorded a top quality mixtape for Los Grandes Podcasts Serie. Be ready to feel extremely good vibes and stylish grooves packaged on a very delicious charming one hour session. Definetly this session exposes Mr. Saucedo's refined taste, something already proved through his brilliant releases list.  Sexy mood: ON.