17 jun. 2013

[GRAN 019] Softmore - Down South

After releasing 'Deep Rooted' on Fruit Of Life, Softmore is back on Los Grandes with 'Down South'. With this EP the american producer reinforce his unique style spotted where Deep House, Slomo and Downtempo turn into misty landscapes shaped by the strokes of the brush of melancholy, elegance and soul touch sensitiveness. We couldn't be happier of having a second breath taking release from Softmore on Los Grandes.

+Juno Download review: "Everything in this US producer's world is in slow motion. Very slow motion. However nobody said he'd be a whizz at fixing your drain or mending your fridge, it's his music that we want him for and, in that regard he's very good indeed. This EP collects five beautifully produced, otherworldly cuts that often take synthy '80s soul and balearica to its very stoned logical conclusion ("Ask The Lonely", "Gather Melodies") and sometimes even deliver sublime snails pace chill wave ("Just A Thought", "Long Goodbye"). An awesome release."

Cover designed by Softmore.

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on June 17th, 2013.