9 dic. 2013

[GRAN 024] Trujillo - Believe In Luv EP


Los Grandes proudly presents a new release from the great Trujillo. 'Believe In Luv EP' is about sensitivenes and emotional slomo disco house. Two gems slowly baked to make your body move elegantly to their deep groove. Believe in music, believe in love.

Juno Download review: "It's Joropo dances all round as acclaimed Venezuelan producer Trujillo finally follows up 2012's hugely popular Acapulco Gold with 'Believe In Luv". With a sleeve like this he's already made believers of most of us, but he doesn't stop there; the title track is a seductive electro-houser with gentle chords, ascending guitar licks and soulful male & female vocals - in other words, the music of love. The smoochy vibes continue on his blissed-out, reggae-lite swirly version of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". Hot!"

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on 25th October, 2013

[GRAN 023] Chewy Rubs - Chewy Tools

Los Grandes proudly present the second bunch of disco/funk club oriented tunes from the great Chewy Rubs. Four tracks rubbed and accurated for the most demanding disco fanatics. Grab them while hot to pour them on your upcoming Halloween upcoming wicked party!

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on 25th October, 2013

4 oct. 2013

[GRAN 022] B Jam - Accelerate

Los Grandes proudly presents B JAM 'Accelerate'. For this occassion the master of grooveness speed up the rythm moving confortably from 115 to 122 BPM's and proving he's more than capable to make us sweat all night long riding to his genuine style. Four funky disco fillers for your and the crowd's delight.

Artwork by Barry Fell.

Juno Download review: "Edinburgh-based B-Jam has previously released some seriously hot, party-friendly edits on Superbreak. Here, he shifts focus slightly, delivering a quarter of driving, sample-heavy disco-house cuts that sit somewhere between Soundstream, Tiger and Woods and the kind of hands-in-the-air fodder that was once the preserve of Joey Negro's Z Records. There's a baggy sweetness to opener "Make It", its loopy nature well disguised by some brilliantly wide-eyed horns and classic soul vocals. "The Need of Women", based around similar source material, increases the energy levels two-fold, while "Such A Glue" gains much of its power from a combination of a killer disco-funk groove and judicious use of filters. Closer "The Situation", meanwhile, sounds like an end-of-night anthem in waiting."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on 30th September, 2013

30 jul. 2013

[GRAN 021] DJ Zeyhan - Funk Your Ass!

Los Grandes gladly present DJ Zeyhan 'Funk Your Ass!', a perfect soundtrack for this middle summer. Two original tracks wich make you dance and bounce to the groove! Smells like sea breeze and beach party...

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on July 29th, 2013.

15 jul. 2013

[GRAN 020] Campion - For Real EP

Los Grandes gladly present Campion 'For Real EP'. This silky soulful release rapidly activates your deepest mood through its three marvelous and extremely well produced tracks. A perfect soundtrack for hot city late nights stories.

Juno Download review: "Dynamicron's Madrid-based label Los Grandes is chiefly known for its nu-disco sounds. However this release by Campion sees them venture into deeper, housier territory. There's three original tracks here, and despite not being instant hitters, are deceptively seductive. At less than 100bpm, "For Real', kicks things off with a less than urgent approach, preferring to ease the listener in with a soulful lushness instead. "DOME" is pulsating and bleepy slo-mo house and lastly "Anything" harks back to the classic soul of Bobby Womack but is married to a dreamy filtered groove. A brave and interesting release."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on July 15th, 2013. 

17 jun. 2013

[GRAN 019] Softmore - Down South

After releasing 'Deep Rooted' on Fruit Of Life, Softmore is back on Los Grandes with 'Down South'. With this EP the american producer reinforce his unique style spotted where Deep House, Slomo and Downtempo turn into misty landscapes shaped by the strokes of the brush of melancholy, elegance and soul touch sensitiveness. We couldn't be happier of having a second breath taking release from Softmore on Los Grandes.

+Juno Download review: "Everything in this US producer's world is in slow motion. Very slow motion. However nobody said he'd be a whizz at fixing your drain or mending your fridge, it's his music that we want him for and, in that regard he's very good indeed. This EP collects five beautifully produced, otherworldly cuts that often take synthy '80s soul and balearica to its very stoned logical conclusion ("Ask The Lonely", "Gather Melodies") and sometimes even deliver sublime snails pace chill wave ("Just A Thought", "Long Goodbye"). An awesome release."

Cover designed by Softmore.

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on June 17th, 2013.

17 abr. 2013

[GRAN 018] NICKO & DISCO B - Late Night Boogie EP

Greece is a boiling point regarding disco matters, no doubt. This time Nicko Marinelli and Disco B (the man behind "Late Night Sessions" radio show) sum forces to deliver 4 great edits from the finest disco and boogie ready to be dropped and getting great reactions on the dancefloor. Disco ball on!

Juno Download review: "Dynamicron (aka Roberto Marrero)'s Madrid-based nu-disco/edit label Los Grandes present here this new pairing of Greek DJ Nicko Marineli and producer pal, Disco B. There's four floor-melting tunes here: "Heartless" is an early 80s slap-bass slap-up, "Bar K" is freaky filtered funk, "French Bomb" is a laser-filled cocktail-spiller and "Serena Must Dance" is an authoritative electro-boogie stomper!"

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on April 15, 2013.

28 mar. 2013

[VIVALOS 001] Viva Los Grandes EP

We think there's not better way to celebrate our first year than releasing our 12". We have put together two exclusive tracks never released before plus two well known tunes already digital released during 2012.

Dynamicron, presents ‘Play It!’ which is heavy with that block party 70’s/80’s feeling but revamped into a nowadays club crusher.

Future Feelings ‘Skylife’ was described by Juno as a “delightfully rubbery bass guitar grooves, with the former taking top billing thanks to some choice vocal samples and a loose electrofunk/disco fusion vibe”. It is one of the two tracks from his debut EP ‘Funk EP’, released by Los Grandes. Played by Julian Sanza, Dave Allison, Superbreak, Ilya Santana and is featuring on Junodownload Recomended Disco in October 2012 as well.

LTJ ‘All Ya Got’ it’s a burner of a groove. And we are more than glad of having to the master of the groove LTJ on this release wich such brilliant unreleased track. LTJ’s background and his consistency creating club hits (usually number ones on the sales charts) speaks by itself.

Heion’s cut, ‘Keep On Hiding’ is a blissful organic groove crafted by the Romanian genius Heion (aka Razvan Ghenciu originally included on Los Grandes compilation Black Lace Vol. 3 This track is one of the best sellers from the label and is supported by Dicky Trisco, Hotbox, Fingerman among many others.

Grab it here: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/viva-los-grandes-ep/486324-01/

5 mar. 2013

[GRAN 017] Black Lace Vol 5

Los Grandes present their fifth volume from the Black Lace serie. As usual we are gathering the best re-edits of funk, disco and AOR we have found, mixing very well known names with some newcomers with great edition skills and taste. We hope you enjoy this jam brought by Brevil, DJ Butcher, Vinyl Addicted, PCJ Project, Jay Ru, Nicko, Craxi Disco and Dynamicron .

Juno Download review: "Nope, this ain't the return of mulleted 80s duo Black Lace, it's the latest comp from Dynamicron's Latino-centric nu-disco label Los Grandes. Once again they've searched high and low to gather the hottest re-edits. Highlights this time include Brevil's sultry sweaty "Sexy", Vinyladdicted's shocking percussion-led rework of 'cough', Jimmy Nail's "Ain't No Doubt", PCJ's baddass 70s disco rock freakout "I Like The Sound", DJ Butcher's faithful take on Mister Flaggio's Italo disco masterpiece "Take A Chance", and Craxi Disco's seductive and proggy synth-disco epic "Jerusalem"."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on March 11, 2013.