22 jul. 2012

[GRAN 010] Lazy Kiss - First Kiss

Los Grandes proudly presents Lazy Kiss' first release. This formation, based on the south of Brasil, was founded on April 2011 by Marco Kothe and Pedro Floriani, both dj's with quite a solid background and a very high regional recognition. The original idea was creating new tracks from their original references by reediting them and by adding their own touch with electronic elements for getting a new final version, a whole new track. Some months later Caco Velloso joined Lazy Kiss bringing a new challenge, besides from editing, beginning to develop original tracks with same feeling and like from their references.

This release gathers eight superb works from their reworking side, all of them highly recommended for refreshing any good party this hot summer. Funk, italo, boogie, bossanova and disco tunes recosntructed with that fine Lazy Kiss touch. I hope you enjoy this first kiss.

Juno Download review: "Lazy Kiss is a new project from Brazil-based DJs Marco Kothe, Pedro Floriani and Caco Velloso. First Kiss, their debut release, features what we'd classify as edits-not-edits - tracks that began as re-edits but were later turned into something else. It's a neat method of working, and one that has delivered solid results. Musically, there's much to admire, from the lazy Latin AOR disco of "Mala's Son" and the jazz-funk hustle of "George's Barrio", to the Nu Shooz re-imagining "I Can't Wait Forever" and camp Italo pulse of "Amadeo". Best of all, though, is "Balla", a mad-for-it trip into skewed disco territory that should prove a surefire hit on dancefloors."

Purchase it exclusively on Juno Download. Released on July 23, 2012.

P.S: I know Los Grandes announced they were taking holidays until September but we are not confortable on breaks, so here we are again at work. We will be back to you soon.

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